Evaluation of skills

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Evaluation of skills

We help you to identify and evaluate the skills of your resources.

The objective is to highlight the gaps between the actual skills and those required for a position.

Our methodology :

- Understanding the context of the evaluation: What prompted you to conduct a competency assessment? (If possible, illustrate with specific facts)
- Preliminary interview with your resource to put him/her in confidence, explain the process and make an appointment at his/her convenience.
- Construction of the evaluation system: depending on the key skills in the position or the technical nature of the job, a series of tests will be set up.
- Interview itself: Analysis of the experience and career path, exploration of personal motivations and aspirations
- Analysis of test results and interview
- Report highlighting the gap between actual and required skills
- Development of an action plan: Recycling, training to adapt to the position, assignment to another department, outplacement.
- Quarterly follow-up with you and the resource.

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