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Staff Management

MyRH is the meeting point between corporate partners who are looking for profiles to carry out a temporary mission and candidates partners who are looking for professional challenges.

When to choose outsourced employee management?

Seasonal positions
- An increase in activities
- Replacement of a person
Why choose outsourced employee management?

Preconceived ideas and prejudices that reduce the interim to a precarious situation are common and most often stem from a lack of information.

As employer

- Managing the unpredictable
Outsourced employee management gives flexibility to companies facing unplanned workforce needs.


In planned or foreseeable cases (maternity leave, upcoming work site, etc.), you can plan your recruitment and thus take advantage of our pool of candidates.
In the event that the candidate partner doesn’t match the position or didn’t show up, we will replace him / her as soon as possible at no extra cost.
- Limit your payroll
The temporary employment contract is concluded between the employee and MyRH.
In other words, MyRH becomes the employer. It is therefore not part of your payroll or your workforce.

As employee

- The development of its network
At the beginning of one's professional life or in the course of one's career, temporary work is an accelerator of professional encounters. Each assignment offers the opportunity to discover new people and new companies, including in hitherto unexpected sectors.
A temporary assignment can also be a springboard to a permanent contract. Indeed, a company will more easily hire a person who has already carried out an assignment with it, and who knows the company and how it operates. This reduces hesitation and minimises risk-taking on both sides.

- The support of a structure
One of the main advantages of a temporary employment agency is its consulting capacity. For a person looking for a job, being accompanied by professionals and being able to benefit from an adapted structure is a precious support and allows to feel less alone in his search for a job.

Because we want the skills and added value of our employee partners to be recognised, we offer an end-of-assignment evaluation system. As the satisfaction of our partners is our priority, it is important that we get feedback from both sides regarding the mission, in order to better ensure our service.

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