Forecasting of Jobs and Skills Management

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Forecasting of Jobs and Skills Management

We help you to :
Prevent and anticipate environmental changes
Support changes in the organization of work and production
Develop employees' professional mobility
Encourage employee involvement in a professional development project
Improving career management

Prepare the company to meet social challenges
Recruitment (volume, cost...)
Dealing with an age pyramid problem (retirement)
Solving an overstaffing problem
Controlling the consequences of technological and economic change
Continuously adapt the skills of its human capital to market developments
Optimize training systems
Develop employee qualification
Valuing individual / collective skills

How do we proceed?

- Diagnosis: What is your strategy, your vision, your functioning (analysis of your activities and your environment)? What are the skills of your employees and the resources available?

- The projection: Anticipate the future by asking the right questions: what will be the main changes in the market, regulations and skills? How will you answer them? What new skills will you need?

- Definition of an action plan for skills development, recruitment needs, organizational changes over 3 to 5 years. It can be defined using :

- Professional interviews to identify the skills of each employee, to better understand their expectations and training needs
- Skills assessments to identify employees' skills, identify those that are not or little used, define a suitable training project
- Validation of experience acquired to make unexploited skills visible
- Support for change in the implementation of the action plan: it is essential that employees adhere to the company project and to do so, you must communicate on this change.

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